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Preparing your rabbit for winter

Rabbit Winter

Wild rabbits huddle underground to share body heat in winter, but pet rabbits are put at risk if their owners fail to take the necessary steps to protect them. Karen Cornish looks at how to keep them safe

Celia Haddon, author of One Hundred Ways to a Happy Bunny, says, ‘The most important thing is to have a really sturdy house for your rabbits.

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Hydration: what every pet owner should know

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Water is vital to your pet’s health, so it’s important that you give them plenty of opportunities to keep themselves topped up. It’s essential to give them water as and when they need it, because just a small 10 per cent fall in an animal’s natural water content has serious effects on its health, while a 15 per cent loss can be life-threatening.

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Stop your dog making a splash

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Q: I have a one-year-old Labrador and, when we let her out in the garden, she often makes a beeline for the stream, which runs into a pond. How can we stop her doing this? A: Labradors are a gundog …

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