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Spring in their step


Spring is a glorious time of year, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than being outdoors with your pet. Following on from our first blog about spring-cleaning for you and your pet, here we remind you of the importance of lifestyle changes and springtime dangers to be aware of.

Grooming galore

Just as you pack away the winter wardrobe, and lay off the gloves and hats, your pets have lifestyle changes too, to accommodate the change in seasons.

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Everything you ever needed to know about rabbits… from A to Z


Thinking of adding a bunny to your menagerie this Easter? Clare Pemberley offers 26 expert tips to help you keep them happy. From the PetPeople magazine archive

A is for aggression
Your bunny will be much less likely to bite or scratch if neutered or spayed, provided with plenty of space and picked up correctly.

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Is blood-pressure medication safe for your dog?


Q: My nine-year-old German Shepherd bitch was prescribed Atenolol for the blood pressure problem SVT two years ago. She recovered well but after her last booster, she became lethargic, unsteady and off her food. I’m worried this year’s booster may affect her badly.

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Feline vaccinations – why your cat really does need them

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Q: Our cat had vaccinations as a kitten but we didn’t keep them up. The vet told us that he needed his booster vaccinations and suggested starting the course again. Is it necessary for cats to have these injections throughout their lives?

A: Feline vaccinations are one of the reasons why our cats live so long today, along with the leaps made in feline medicine. If lots of cat owners decide against vaccinations, the prevalence of these diseases is set to rise.

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