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Debate: How should we tackle the problem of dog fouling?


Although most owners are responsible and clean up after their dogs, a small minority are still failing to do so. So what’s the best way of dealing with foulers? Sophie Mackenzie looks at various tactics that have been used, from shocking and shaming owners, to rewarding those who clean up.

It was on a normal early morning walk when my eye was caught by what I first thought was graffiti on the road in front of me.

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Are our pets’ personalities programmed at birth?

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A dog happily runs through water

Rachael Garside investigates whether nature or nurture has the greater influence on our companions’ behaviour.

Mike Mullan is used to seeing people cross the street to avoid him when he’s out walking his dogs. He’s the proud owner of two impressive Rottweilers, Lazer and Ross, but admits that he gets frustrated when people assume his pets are aggressive and unpredictable.

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What to do about pet toileting problems


You never know when your pet might become a toilet rebel. But what’s behind it, and what can you do? Deirdre Vine investigates.

‘Inappropriate elimination’ – two sinister words that strike fear into every pet owner – can happen out of the blue, even with the most domesticated, well-trained animals. It’s certainly not uncommon, but it’s vital at the onset to rule out any underlying medical reason for the toileting dysfunction.

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What do you wish you’d known before you got a pet? Part 2

garbage can

Earlier this year, we devoted a blog post to the things you wish you’d known before you got your pet. We had a fantastic response, so we decided to ask 10 of our favourite mummy and pet travel bloggers, too. Their responses express the joys and challenges of juggling a family and pet.

‘I wish I’d known about the early morning rubbish clearances. Even though we feed our pet a healthy diet, she still cannot refuse the allure of bins.

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Weight gain and upset tummies – what to do

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Weight Gain

Eating unusual foods or too many treats can be harmful to your pet. Vet and writer Alison Logan explains what to do if your pet has gained weight or is suffering from an upset tummy.

NEW FOOD If vomiting and diarrhoea occurs when you introduce a new food, then the food may not suit your pet. Dietary changes should be avoided for small animals in particular.

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Debate: should we use DNA testing to tackle dog fouling? Part 2


Last week, Councillor Robert Coghill told us how he supports registering dogs’ DNA in the battle against dog fouling. On the other side of the debate is Councillor Phil Scott, who believes that the answer is education, not enforcement

We recently ran a hard-hitting campaign to tackle the issue of dog fouling and the response was fantastic. We gathered enough intelligence to deal with the perpetrators by way of fixed-penalty notices.

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Debate: should we use DNA testing to tackle dog fouling? Part 1


Over in the US, one company is pioneering a hi-tech but politically charged solution to the global dog mess headache – “ but is it ethical and could it work over here? In the first of two posts on each side of the debate, Councillor Robert Coghill says why he’s in favour of dog DNA registers and the testing of dog poo to trace culprits and their irresponsible owners

The biggest issue I’ve faced since being elected is the problem of dog fouling. People ring me and stop me in the street to discuss the matter.

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Toilet train your rabbit today

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Q: Can I train my granddaughters’ rabbit? She won’t use the plastic tray that we bought. We don’t want her to be uncomfortable in a wet hutch.

A: Rabbits are generally very clean pets and will naturally choose one spot in their hutch to go to the toilet. Watch your rabbit over a number of days and you’ll see which spot she’s chosen, then place the litter

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Spraying: everything you need to know


Spraying is usually done by cats to mark their territory. But if your cat is spraying inside your home, or excessively, it could be anxious. Here’s what to do about it… From the current issue of PetPeople magazine.

What is?
Spraying is normal behaviour for cats, but is a problem when it occurs in the home. Scent is incredibly important to cats.

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Does your cat need more litter trays?

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Q: I have three cats and they have one litter tray between them, but my vet has said that I should have more trays. Why is this? A: When cats defecate outdoors, they normally urinate and excrete in separate locations. …

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