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Rabbit health: a guide to anorexia


If you notice that your rabbit isn’t eating (referred to as anorexia) this can be indicative of underlying health issues, most commonly dental problems.

Rabbits’ teeth grow all the time and grind and wear down naturally.

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Where did the Easter Bunny come from?

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Easter bunny

As you look forward to a long weekend, spare a thought for the Easter Bunny. The poor soul will be flat-out by Easter Monday, having dispatched multi-coloured eggs far and wide, ready for the frenzy of chocolate consumption that is Easter. But where did the mysterious figure come from? Here, Sophie Mackenzie looks into the famous rabbit’s origins.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘breeding like rabbits’, and it’s thanks to their fecundity that the creatures have come to symbolise new life.

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Brushing your pet’s teeth – what to remember

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chihuahuas and toothbrush

Good dental health contributes to the long-term wellbeing of your dog, cat or rabbit. Vet Alison Logan explains what to bear in mind when brushing your pet’s teeth.

Since it’s not natural for a cat or dog to have their teeth brushed, it’s wise to introduce dental care from an early age and make it part of your pet’s daily routine.

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How to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy


June is Dental Care Month, and many veterinary practices across the country are joining in by offering free dental health checks for pets. Vet Marc Abraham offers some tips for keeping pets’ mouths in tip-top condition

Many pets show signs of gum disease as early as four years old due to a combination of the wrong diet, a lack of access to decent chew toys, few or no visits to their vet for check-ups, and minimal proper oral care…

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Everything you ever needed to know about rabbits… from A to Z


Thinking of adding a bunny to your menagerie this Easter? Clare Pemberley offers 26 expert tips to help you keep them happy. From the PetPeople magazine archive

A is for aggression
Your bunny will be much less likely to bite or scratch if neutered or spayed, provided with plenty of space and picked up correctly.

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Does your pet smell? Here’s what to do

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If your pet smells bad, you need to identify the source of the odour – for everyone’s sake. It may be something simple that you can sort out yourself, or it may need your veterinary surgeon’s help. We’ve asked PetPeople magazine vet Alison Logan for her top tips

Is something offensive stuck to your cat’s fur somewhere? Has your dog rolled in something unpleasant? Groom it out first if possible (easier when dry) then use an odour-eliminating pet shampoo – remember that cats do not naturally like being washed, and rabbits will need careful drying afterwards. Tomato ketchup is said to be very effective at counteracting the smell of fox muck, which

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Problems with your rabbit’s teeth?


Q: Our vet has had to trim and file our rabbit’s teeth a couple of times now, and I’m worried that we’re not feeding her the right things to keep them healthy. We do give her hay as well as fresh food, but she doesn’t seem keen on it.

A: I suspect it is the front teeth your vet has filed, as you wouldn’t easily notice re-growth of the back teeth (a rabbit’s mouth doesn’t open wide like a cat or dog’s). Overgrown incisors can be a sign of problems with the molars. A balanced diet is key to the correct growth of rabbits’ teeth. I use the analogy of a cake to describe

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Why you need to brush your puppy’s teeth (and how to do it)


Q: We’ve been advised to clean our puppy’s teeth. Is it really necessary? How can we train him to tolerate it?

A: Yes – not only will it reinforce his position within the family pack (at the bottom!) but it will also improve his overall health. Allowing plaque to accumulate can lead to tooth and more general infections. But it is

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