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Are our pets’ personalities programmed at birth?

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A dog happily runs through water

Rachael Garside investigates whether nature or nurture has the greater influence on our companions’ behaviour.

Mike Mullan is used to seeing people cross the street to avoid him when he’s out walking his dogs. He’s the proud owner of two impressive Rottweilers, Lazer and Ross, but admits that he gets frustrated when people assume his pets are aggressive and unpredictable.

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Spraying: everything you need to know


Spraying is usually done by cats to mark their territory. But if your cat is spraying inside your home, or excessively, it could be anxious. Here’s what to do about it… From the current issue of PetPeople magazine.

What is?
Spraying is normal behaviour for cats, but is a problem when it occurs in the home. Scent is incredibly important to cats.

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Why your cat is spraying and how to stop it

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Q: My Siamese female cat, Bella, has started spraying. I thought only male cats sprayed? A: All cats will spray – it is natural marking behaviour. Cats may spray when something has upset them, their core environment has changed, or …

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How to stop your cat spraying

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Q: My 14-year-old Siamese-cross cat Max has started to spray everywhere, especially if he cannot get his own way. What can I do? A: Spraying is the most common behaviour problem I see in cats. As Max has not sprayed …

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Is your cat urinating on the carpet? Here’s how to stop them

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Q: My cat has started urinating on my carpets. I use Feliway (a synthetic feline facial pheromone) to discourage scratching, but it doesn’t stop her urinating. What can I do? A: You say that your cat is urinating, but you …

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