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Does your pet smell? Here’s what to do

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If your pet smells bad, you need to identify the source of the odour – for everyone’s sake. It may be something simple that you can sort out yourself, or it may need your veterinary surgeon’s help. We’ve asked PetPeople magazine vet Alison Logan for her top tips

Is something offensive stuck to your cat’s fur somewhere? Has your dog rolled in something unpleasant? Groom it out first if possible (easier when dry) then use an odour-eliminating pet shampoo – remember that cats do not naturally like being washed, and rabbits will need careful drying afterwards. Tomato ketchup is said to be very effective at counteracting the smell of fox muck, which

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How you see the world. How your dog sees the world. And the massive difference between the two!


You may have heard that dogs see the world differently. We had too. But when author Jennifer Arnold called and gave us her insights into just how differently dogs see the world, we were blown away. So we’ve asked Jennifer …

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Real-life story: one cat’s amazing sense of smell


We’ve received this extraordinary account of a cat’s sense of smell from Petplan customer Margaret Wendy Harris of Northwich, Cheshire, and we just had to share it with you. Hope you like it!

Dear Petplan,

I have just discovered that a cat’s incredible sense of smell could play an important role in helping people to identify their kith and kin. Many years after being adopted as a baby, I made contact with my natural brother for the first time. Incredibly, my six-year-old shorthaired cat, Megan, has confirmed that we are from the same flesh and blood. Normally, she runs upstairs when strangers – particularly men – call to our home.

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