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Does your pet smell? Here’s what to do

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If your pet smells bad, you need to identify the source of the odour – for everyone’s sake. It may be something simple that you can sort out yourself, or it may need your veterinary surgeon’s help. We’ve asked PetPeople magazine vet Alison Logan for her top tips

Is something offensive stuck to your cat’s fur somewhere? Has your dog rolled in something unpleasant? Groom it out first if possible (easier when dry) then use an odour-eliminating pet shampoo – remember that cats do not naturally like being washed, and rabbits will need careful drying afterwards. Tomato ketchup is said to be very effective at counteracting the smell of fox muck, which

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Jay the dog and Petplan – a long-term relationship

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Dog Jay’s long-term health conditions meant he was always at the vets. Fortunately owner Catherine Humphreys’ Petplan policy made things that bit easier

Petplan has helped out my 11-year-old rescue dog Jay on numerous occasions during his life. His problems started when he was only one; his mouth was itchy all the time and, although he never broke the skin, he would scratch it all the time.

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Why your dog keeps scratching itself

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Q: My Manchester Terrier cross is constantly nibbling and scratching herself, mainly on her lower back. The vet cleaned the glands near her tail, but this hasn’t helped. What can you suggest? A: Many dogs’ skin irritations are due to …

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