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What can rabbits eat? Vegetables, hay and other top diet tips!

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Grey rabbit in a hutch

Despite what Bugs Bunny may have led you to believe, carrots shouldn’t be a major part of a rabbit’s diet as they contain high sugar levels, although can be given as an occasional treat.

Petplan takes a look at which types of food are good for rabbits and which should be avoided…

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Rabbit care guide: How to make sure your rabbit is healthy and happy

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A vast majority of people put a great deal of thought and care into deciding whether to get a cat or a dog – but often the same amount of consideration doesn’t go into deciding whether to get a pet rabbit.

As well as being the UK’s third most popular pet, rabbits are also amongst the most neglected. The Scottish RSPCA rescued more than 700 abandoned rabbits last year, but warns that many more are living miserable lives in lonely hutches.

Petplan takes a look at how you can avoid the many pitfalls of rabbit ownership and ensure your pet lives a happy, contented life…

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Is a rabbit an ‘easy option’ for pet owners?

A brown rabbit looks at the camera

While rabbits are often perceived to be low-maintenance alternatives to cats and dogs, a happy rabbit actually needs the same level of care and attention as larger types of pet.

So, while it can be tempting to rush into things and get a rabbit as a ‘starter pet’ for yourself or young family members, there are still plenty of things you need to consider.

Here are just some of them…

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