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How much hair should my dog be shedding?

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dog shedding hair

The shedding of hair is a natural process for many animals, and dogs are no exception.

But, does there come a point where we should be worried about our dog shedding too much hair? Can it ever signal something different to the natural shedding process?

Petplan takes a look at what you need to know about your dog’s hair loss …

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Should I take my cat on holiday?

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Small bengal kitten in a basket

Taking your cat with you on holiday may seem like a great idea – but would likely cause a lot of unnecessary distress for your furry friend.

Cats are very territorial and therefore feel most secure in familiar surroundings. Put simply, they’re homebodies.

Petplan takes a look into how your cat can be cared for, so that both of you can relax and enjoy your breaks!

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Do cats with wild roots make good pets? Bengals, Toygers and more

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Toyger cat with white background

Unless you happen to own a zoo or safari park, then having your own wild cat will have to remain a daydream.

However, an increasing number of people are buying cats that are descended from cross-breeding domestic cats with wild cat breeds.

Petplan takes a look into the five most popular domestic cat breeds with wild roots, and reveal all about their suitability as pets…

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Springtime dangers for cats: poisonous plants, fleas and more

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Cat sitting on stone in garden

After the long, dark days of winter, the warm evenings and brightly coloured flowers of spring often can’t come quickly enough – and we’re not the only ones who look forward to this time of year.

Spring also means our cats can get outside, bask in the sun and explore our gardens and beyond.

However, with the sun and the flowers comes a few extra risks for your cat. Petplan takes a look at some of the additional issues your cat may face during the spring months…

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Rabbit body language: what is your bunny trying to tell you?

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rabbit in hutch surrounded by sawdust

Rabbits have a complex language.

They communicate with each other and with us by using a wide variety of body positions, nibbles, nudges and postures.

Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits do not make proper noises to get our attention. By learning the body language of your bunny, you can figure out what they are up to – most of the time!

Petplan looks at how you can build an understanding of ‘rabbit talk’ by interpreting their hops, kicks and movements…

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Stories from the surgery: spotting Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease in cats

Ginger cat in litter tray looking anxious

Petplan vet Brian Faulkner has once again taken time out of his busy schedule to tell us all about some of the strange, funny and sometimes difficult cases he encounters in his surgery…

One issue that crops up regularly in the surgery is Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, otherwise known as FLUTD. It’s not a specific condition, but is a term used to describe conditions that may affect the urinary tract and bladders of cats.

It’s a common problem area in cats and something that owners need to be aware of.

Let’s look at it in more detail…

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Dog separation anxiety: symptoms and what you can do to help


Dogs, like us, are very social animals. Whether you’re leaving your dog alone for just a few hours or for longer periods it can be a difficult time for the both of you.

However, while you know why this is happening and that it’s only temporary, for your dog, this separation can be confusing and disorientating.

Petplan takes a look at separation anxiety in dogs and what you can do to help your pet be as calm and comfortable as possible when left alone…

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How to train your kitten to use a scratching post

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Kitten on top of blanket

Finding your brand new sofa has been clawed to shreds courtesy of your new kitten can be an incredibly frustrating and disheartening experience.

Often our natural reaction is to tell them off for their naughty behaviour. However, it’s common for kittens to use their claws to mark what they feel is their territory and as a way of filing down their claws.

So, the best way to save your furniture from being ruined is to train your cat on how to use a scratching post.

Petplan look at how to train your kitten to scratch the pole instead of your sparkling new upholstery…

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Coping with the death of a family pet

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Black dog in field next and woman with wellies

It can be difficult to come to terms with the loss of a pet.

We grow close to our pets, sharing a special bond with them – they are not just a cat or a dog, but a valued and much loved member of the family.

It’s important to grieve for your pet and approach this difficult period in a way that gives you the best chance to come to terms with your loss.

Petplan looks at some of the tried and trusted ways to ensure you are able to deal with this difficult time…

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Viral Haemorrhagic Disease in rabbits: what you need to know about the cause, symptoms and vaccination

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A cute white and grey rabbit

Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD) virus continues to be a cause for concern for many rabbit owners.

The summer of 2016 saw several outbreaks of RVHD (as well as its mutated form RVHD2) and owners should remain vigilant against this deadly virus.

Petplan looks at the causes, symptoms and precautions that you can take to ensure your rabbit remains as safe from infection as they can be…

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