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Customer story: Chewie strikes back

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The Parmee family were devastated when their beloved cat Chewie was diagnosed with lymphoma. But thanks to his vet and lots of love, he’s now well again.

Mum-of-three Elizabeth Parmee welcomed Chewie into her family six years ago, and he has been a cherished member ever since.

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New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet


As 2013 comes to an end, you may start to contemplate good intentions for the new year. But remember, resolutions are not limited to pet owners: our faithful friends can also benefit from some positive thinking. Here Julian Hall explores top tips of how to keep your pet perky in 2014.

More exercise is a great way to kick-start the year for both you and your pet.

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How to prepare your home for a new pet


The first few days in its new home can be daunting for a pet – it takes time and some forward thinking to prepare your home to welcome them.

Here’s some advice on putting the new family member at ease.

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Your pets are Petplan’s new TV stars!

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A new TV advert starring dogs, cats and rabbits selected via a competition we ran on our Facebook page airs for the first time tonight.

After we broadcast our previous Petplan TV advert at the beginning of this year, we were inundated with hundreds of requests from people who wanted to see their own pet on the telly.

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A happy holiday for you and your pet


Are you taking your dog or cat away with you this year? If so, you’ll be among the 23% of pet-owners that can’t imagine leaving their animal at home.

Here are some ideas for making your break as stress-free as possible, whether you’re taking your pet with you or not.

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Is your dog susceptible to grass seed injury?


Summer may mean more outdoor play for you and your dog, but it is also a time to be aware of environmental risks. Find out more about grass seed in our need-to-know guide.

Grass seeds are something dogs frequently get lodged in their ear canals or between the toes. Long-eared breeds like Cocker and Springer Spaniels are most susceptible.

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Debate: should cats be allowed out at night?

A close up of a striped cat

Not so long ago, most cats were let out each evening to roam as they pleased while their owners slept peacefully. Nowadays it’s becoming less common. With around one in four cats killed on the road, should all our feline friends be locked in at night? Sophie Mackenzie examines the issue for Petplan.

If you are a cat owner, you will be familiar with the feeling of being jerked from sleep in the small hours by needle-sharp claws kneading your body.

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Breed profile: the Irish Wolfhound

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An Irish Wolf Hound in a field

From the wide range of dog, cat and rabbits we insure, we pick a Petplan ‘Breed of the Week’ to star on our Facebook page. This week, it’s the turn of the Irish Wolfhound. Here’s all you need to know about this giant of the dog world…

Standing at around a yard (about 91cm), the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dog breeds and roughly the height of a small pony.

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The history of pets, part 1: Cats


Ever wondered how cats, dogs and rabbits came to share our homes and gardens? In the first of a three-part series for Petplan, writer and pet-lover Julian Hall looks at the history of cats…

If you sometimes marvel at how far your cat roams from home, then you’ll be amazed at how far our treasured pusses (or ‘felis catus’ to be precise) have travelled in terms of their evolution.

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Happy new year from Petplan!

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Everybody at Petplan would like to wish you and your pet a very happy 2013. Rest assured that we’ll be here throughout the year to offer help and support when you need it.

And remember, we’re not just here to help cover the cost of vets’ fees when your companion is unwell. We can also offer support at other stressful times – including if your pet goes missing.

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