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The pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs

A black dog sleeps in front of an aga

The latest issue of Petplan’s PetPeople magazine featured an article by animal nutritionist Marge Chandler on the risks of raw food diets for dogs (scroll down to read it).

This article caused plenty of debate on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, with people in favour of the diet keen to point out its potential benefits.

To provide the other side of the story, we spoke to Liesbet Lester, a vet and advocate of the diet…

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Petplan debate: is premium cat or dog food worth the money?

A dog greedily eating food from a bowl

Exercise and a healthy diet are vital for humans and animals alike but, unlike us, our pets have very little say in what they put into their bodies.

Which is why choosing the right food for your pet is something that should be given serious attention. However, with so many brands and so many different prices, the choice can often appear overwhelming.

How do you go about choosing food for your pet? Do you use the most expensive one you can afford? Or do you think cheaper products are just as good?

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Can’t eat, won’t eat? Why your pet may be off its food

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pp8_p32-36_Picky Eaters_lowres

Julie Hunt reports on what steps to take when your beloved pet starts refusing its food. From the Petpeople magazine archive You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, goes the old saying. But how …

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Which is better for your pet – wet or dry food?

wet or dry

Should you feed your pet wet or dry food? And what about mixing? We have the answers – plus the pros, cons, do’s and don’ts – for you here. From the PetPeople magazine features archive.

Many owners regularly prepare specific food for their cat or dog, mix leftovers with commercial pet foods, or even serve up a portion of the family’s meal. But can they be sure that their pet is receiving the correctly balanced diet needed for optimum health? We have very different dietary requirements from dogs, and especially from cats, who are carnivores.

Water content and freshness
It’s often said of wet food that you’re paying for water. This can, however, be an advantage for male cats,

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