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New interactive Pet Health profiles


Over the past 36 years Petplan have helped millions of pets through all kinds of illnesses and injuries – and all this experience has enabled us to gain a unique insight into pet health.

We’d like to share this knowledge with you, so we’re delighted to announce the arrival of the new Pet Health section on our website.

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Are you becoming more and more like your pet?


Research suggests humans and their animals share personality traits – but is the perfect match instinctive or the result of learned behaviour? From the PetPeople magazine archive

Of course, we pet owners have always known it. And now scientific research is bearing out the theory that our cats and dogs do indeed have their own personalities. When Dr Sam Gosling, from the University of Texas, researched dogs’ characteristics, he found they varied hugely in terms of personality. So much so that he believes dogs should be matched with owners with compatible characteristics. Indeed, more than 150 animal shelters in the US are now

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