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Stories from the surgery: a lost cat with a broken leg and the importance of microchipping

Long haired domestic cat at the vets

Petplan vet Brian Faulkner has once again taken time out of his busy schedule to tell us all about some of the strange, funny and sometimes difficult things he encounters in his surgery.

This month, he tells us the story of a cat presented at his surgery and how their plight made him reflect on the importance of microchipping pets…

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‘Like to Help’ microchip pets with Petplan and Blue Cross

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A dog happily runs through water

Petplan have teamed up with animal charity Blue Cross to help their mission to microchip the pets of Great Britain – but we need your help.

To raise awareness of the importance of microchipping, we’re asking you to like our Help Blue Cross Facebook app and, for every 25 likes we get, Petplan will fund one microchip for a Blue Cross pet.

We’re aiming to microchip 1,000 pets by 31 July to help ensure far less pets are separated from their owners.

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Debate: Are the laws on dog ownership fair?

guard dog

With the recent announcement of changes to dog-ownership laws, plus a host of local bylaws to stick to, these are confusing times for dog-lovers. We want to know what you think. Are the Government and Local Authorities fair to dog owners, or are they too strict?

The rules and regulations that make up the laws on dog ownership have been put in place with the best intentions. They are intended to protect dogs, owners and the general public. But it can be hard to keep track of additions and changes, and sometimes it might feel like unreasonable restrictions are being placed on your enjoyment of dogs.

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Why microchipping your pet is essential

Marc Abraham & puppy_lowres

Vet Marc Abraham explains why microchipping your pet is an important part of being a responsible owner.

June is not only Dental Care Month – it’s also National Microchipping Month

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