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Debate: Do pets pose a significant hygiene risk?


When it comes to hygiene, pet owners are a varied bunch – from the relaxed cat-lover who happily permits everything from counter-surfing to face-licking, to the anxious dog owner who won’t allow their companion upstairs and insists on post-fuss hand-washing. But who’s right? Here, Sophie Mackenzie looks at the science behind pets and hygiene, and persuades some brave pet owners to reveal their breaches of best practice.

It’s well known that people with pets, on the whole, are healthier and live longer than those without. This is partly because of the stress-busting effect our companion animals have, but also because exposure to them boosts immunity, especially in children. So at what point does close proximity to pets stop being beneficial and start being a bit unsanitary, or even dangerous?

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Lyme’s disease: what is it, and why is it dangerous?


Q: Our Border Collie has been limping and the vet diagnosed Lyme’s disease, caught from a tick. We had no idea he had a tick or that it could be dangerous. What can we do to stop it happening again?

A: Spread by bites from certain types of ticks, Lyme’s disease is caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. Your dog’s lameness can be attributed

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