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Customer story: Chewie strikes back

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The Parmee family were devastated when their beloved cat Chewie was diagnosed with lymphoma. But thanks to his vet and lots of love, he’s now well again.

Mum-of-three Elizabeth Parmee welcomed Chewie into her family six years ago, and he has been a cherished member ever since.

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Happy new year from Petplan!

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Everybody at Petplan would like to wish you and your pet a very happy 2013. Rest assured that we’ll be here throughout the year to offer help and support when you need it.

And remember, we’re not just here to help cover the cost of vets’ fees when your companion is unwell. We can also offer support at other stressful times – including if your pet goes missing.

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Bumbles is back in good health

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Bumbles 3_lowres

When Stephanie Carrington’s rescue cat Bumbles was diagnosed with asthma, Petplan ensured that her vet bills were covered… My cat Bumbles has been diagnosed with feline asthma, and I’m so glad I went with Petplan for insurance. I adopted Bumbles …

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Older pets rule!

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Silvana Stratford Pet story

Here’s a lovely story we received from a Petplan customer whose “pet family” has lived to a ripe old age – and still brings her joy

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Petplan for helping my geriatric family live to a ripe old age. My “pet family” consists of a 17-year-old shorthaired tabby Pandora, the matriarch; her 16-year-old sidekick

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Supercat’s 10-storey fall

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Shale the cat

When ‘Supercat’ Shale had a horrific fall, her owner feared the worst. Here’s how she fought her way back to health

We have two cats, Shale and Sable. We often call Shale ‘Supercat’, because when you hold her she likes to stretch out her legs in front of her, as though she were flying. We live on a top floor flat, with an outside roof terrace and a wide wall surrounding it. We installed a cat flap to allow the cats freedom out onto the terrace.

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Lucky’s lucky return to health

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Here’s a lovely letter we received from Margaret Mortham, whose Petplan policy has been essential in saving her cat Lucky.

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Making a claim with Petplan: it’s easy


Should the worst happen and you need to make a claim against your Petplan policy, we will do everything we can to settle your claim quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Here are the five easy steps to making a claim.

Step 1
Download a claim form at www.petplan.co.uk/claims, where you can also find helpful advice on how to fill the form in, and even track the progress of your claim. Alternatively, you can request a claim form by calling 0845 074 3030.

Step 2
Fill in the form (your vet needs to fill it in too) and get it back to us as soon as possible. We’ll need a few simple details,

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