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Rabbit health: a guide to fly strike


With any luck we will enjoy some sunshine this summer. But while we might love those warm lazy days, they do bring problems: flies. Kath Stathers looks at the danger of fly strike in rabbits.

Fly strike – or myiasis to give it its scientific name – is a problem that can afflict rabbits in hot weather and even be fatal.

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Debate: Do pets pose a significant hygiene risk?


When it comes to hygiene, pet owners are a varied bunch – from the relaxed cat-lover who happily permits everything from counter-surfing to face-licking, to the anxious dog owner who won’t allow their companion upstairs and insists on post-fuss hand-washing. But who’s right? Here, Sophie Mackenzie looks at the science behind pets and hygiene, and persuades some brave pet owners to reveal their breaches of best practice.

It’s well known that people with pets, on the whole, are healthier and live longer than those without. This is partly because of the stress-busting effect our companion animals have, but also because exposure to them boosts immunity, especially in children. So at what point does close proximity to pets stop being beneficial and start being a bit unsanitary, or even dangerous?

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Petplan Vet Brian Faulkner answers your questions about pet health


Brian Faulkner is a previous winner of the Petplan Vet of the Year award and has been practising for 18 years. You can ask him anything you like about your pet’s health during our next live clinic on Facebook.

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Pyometra: what to look out for


Continuing on a reproductive theme, vet Marc Abraham looks at an extremely common life-threatening condition that affects unspayed female dogs, yet is easily preventable

Pyometra – literally pus in the womb’ – presents with a range of signs, from the obvious (thick creamy pus discharging from the vulva) to the subtle (loss of appetite)

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How to treat mange in your dog

Marc Abraham & puppy_lowres

Our second post from vet Marc Abraham looks at mange: what causes this unpleasant infection, how it affects dogs and what can be done about it

Some common pet diseases can prove notoriously stubborn and expensive to fix, taking weeks or even months to see any improvement. A classic example is mange – infestation of your pet’s skin

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Does your pet smell? Here’s what to do

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If your pet smells bad, you need to identify the source of the odour – for everyone’s sake. It may be something simple that you can sort out yourself, or it may need your veterinary surgeon’s help. We’ve asked PetPeople magazine vet Alison Logan for her top tips

Is something offensive stuck to your cat’s fur somewhere? Has your dog rolled in something unpleasant? Groom it out first if possible (easier when dry) then use an odour-eliminating pet shampoo – remember that cats do not naturally like being washed, and rabbits will need careful drying afterwards. Tomato ketchup is said to be very effective at counteracting the smell of fox muck, which

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What to do about your cat’s runny eye

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Q: My cat constantly has a runny eye. I have tried creams from the vet, but it keeps coming back. Any ideas?

A: Your cat may be suffering from a blocked tear duct, where the lubricating fluids produced by the tissues around the eye are unable to drain properly,

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Why your dog gets urinary tract infections, and what you can do

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Q: Our six-year-old dog has had three urinary tract infections in the past 18 months that clear up quickly with antibiotics. Is there a reason why she is getting so many? A: The plumbing of a female dog does, unfortunately, …

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Why you need to brush your puppy’s teeth (and how to do it)


Q: We’ve been advised to clean our puppy’s teeth. Is it really necessary? How can we train him to tolerate it?

A: Yes – not only will it reinforce his position within the family pack (at the bottom!) but it will also improve his overall health. Allowing plaque to accumulate can lead to tooth and more general infections. But it is

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