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Dog and cat grooming: why it’s not just Crufts entrants that need care and attention

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Brown Labradoodle dog

Pet grooming is often perceived as being purely for beauty, but in reality it’s hugely important for their health and wellbeing – even if you’re not planning to enter them in Crufts.

How often you groom your pet will depend on a number of factors (such as the length of their coat) but it’s an important part of every pet’s routine.

Grooming can help you spot fleas, bumps and cuts as well as skin problems – and will also help you bond with your pet.

Petplan has put together some useful tips to help you get started with dog and cat grooming…

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Spring in their step


Spring is a glorious time of year, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than being outdoors with your pet. Following on from our first blog about spring-cleaning for you and your pet, here we remind you of the importance of lifestyle changes and springtime dangers to be aware of.

Grooming galore

Just as you pack away the winter wardrobe, and lay off the gloves and hats, your pets have lifestyle changes too, to accommodate the change in seasons.

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Spread the love


Roses, hearts and cuddly toys fill shop windows as the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day approaches. Our four-legged friends provide us with unconditional love every day of the year, so who better to spend this Valentine’s Day with? Why not pamper them with their favourite things. And if you are looking for Cupid’s bow to strike, you could find a soul mate in another pet lover with online dating sites created for likeminded people.

Date night
In order to spoil your cat, dog or rabbit, set some playtime aside. For cats and rabbits, toys – whether homemade or newly bought – are a fantastic way to spend time together.

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Debate: is dyeing dogs an irresponsible practice or harmless fun?


When actress Emily Watson stepped out with a bright pink Bichon Frise last year, it evoked strong reactions. Some were smitten, others horrified. ‘Creative grooming’ of dogs is shaping up to be the latest trend to land on our shores, but is it a degrading practice or simply harmless fun?

We hosted both sides of the debate in our latest edition of PetPeople magazine.

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How to get that ‘straight from the salon’ look… for your pet

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Poodle at Salon. Copyright iStockphoto.

Is your pet a little scruffy? Follow our eight-step plan to smarten them up.


Short-haired cats usually need to be brushed once or twice a week, but long-haired felines, exotic shorthairs and moulting moggies need daily grooming. Older cats or those that are unwell need more help, too. All dogs benefit from daily grooming. Use a wire ‘slicker’ brush every day on silky and long-haired breeds. Non-shedding, curly haired dogs need daily grooming and professional clipping every few months. Wiry types need regular brushing and occasional professional grooming or ‘stripping’, while smooth-coated dogs just need a daily once-over with a soft brush or ‘hound glove’. Rabbits need weekly brushing, but make it daily if he’s shedding or a long-haired breed such as an Angora.

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Everything you ever needed to know about rabbits… from A to Z


Thinking of adding a bunny to your menagerie this Easter? Clare Pemberley offers 26 expert tips to help you keep them happy. From the PetPeople magazine archive

A is for aggression
Your bunny will be much less likely to bite or scratch if neutered or spayed, provided with plenty of space and picked up correctly.

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