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Debate: How should we tackle the problem of dog fouling?


Although most owners are responsible and clean up after their dogs, a small minority are still failing to do so. So what’s the best way of dealing with foulers? Sophie Mackenzie looks at various tactics that have been used, from shocking and shaming owners, to rewarding those who clean up.

It was on a normal early morning walk when my eye was caught by what I first thought was graffiti on the road in front of me.

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Summer update on Bunker, the Hounds for Heroes pup

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It’s time to catch up with trainee assistance dog Bunker as he prepares to graduate. Also, find out what else has been happening at Hounds for Heroes, the charity that sponsors him – including the Endal Awards, which celebrate heroic dogs.

As you can see, Bunker is definitely growing up – although his trainers say he’s still as soft as butter and totally loveable.

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How to reduce the risk of diabetes

A Yorkshire Terrier eats food from a bowl

One in every 500 dogs and cats develops diabetes, leading to costly daily insulin injections and lifelong monitoring. Yet in many cases, diabetes may be preventable, simply by establishing good feeding habits.

Diabetes results in excessive levels of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream and is more common in middle-aged, neutered pets

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Do our pets understand us?

A kitten looking surprised

“Just look at him – he understands every word we’re saying!” It’s a boast we often hear from doting dog owners, but how much do our canine companions and their feline friends really comprehend?

Scientists have been studying pets’ language learning ability for decades, with some remarkable discoveries.

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Catch up with Hounds for Heroes puppy, Bunker

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‘Puppy parent’ Grace Brandon shares the latest achievements of her trainee assistance dog, Bunker. The two have been paired up by Hounds for Heroes, a charity that trains dogs to assist former emergency service and armed forces employees who’ve been injured in the line of duty. Petplan continues to follow their story.

Bunker is now 13 months old and is growing into a very handsome boy!

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Is it fine to share your bed with your pet? Debate update


Does snuggling up with your pet help you both to get a good night’s sleep, or is letting your companion into bed strictly off limits?

From pusses on pillows to dogs under duvets, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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Are our pets’ personalities programmed at birth?

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A dog happily runs through water

Rachael Garside investigates whether nature or nurture has the greater influence on our companions’ behaviour.

Mike Mullan is used to seeing people cross the street to avoid him when he’s out walking his dogs. He’s the proud owner of two impressive Rottweilers, Lazer and Ross, but admits that he gets frustrated when people assume his pets are aggressive and unpredictable.

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Debate: Are the laws on dog ownership fair?

guard dog

With the recent announcement of changes to dog-ownership laws, plus a host of local bylaws to stick to, these are confusing times for dog-lovers. We want to know what you think. Are the Government and Local Authorities fair to dog owners, or are they too strict?

The rules and regulations that make up the laws on dog ownership have been put in place with the best intentions. They are intended to protect dogs, owners and the general public. But it can be hard to keep track of additions and changes, and sometimes it might feel like unreasonable restrictions are being placed on your enjoyment of dogs.

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Does your pet have the winter blues?

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Winter blues

If you’re finding it hard to cope with the cold, grey winter days, then spare a thought for your pet, who might be suffering too. Julian Hall investigates.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the medical name for what many people call ‘winter blues’. If you have SAD, you may find that your sleep pattern, energy levels and mood change during the winter months.

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Hounds for Heroes: Bunker update

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With the help of ‘puppy parents’, the Hounds for Heroes charity trains dogs to assist former armed forces members and emergency service workers injured in the line of duty. Here, Grace Brandon tells us how her cadet pup, Bunker, has been getting on since we last heard from the pair in September.

‘Bunker is now nine months old and has grown into a slim, handsome dog.

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