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Dog body language: what does a wagging tail mean?

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Westie dog looks up affectionately

As dog owners, many of us like to think we have a deep understanding of our pet and their emotions.

However, dogs, like us, have a large emotional range that can sometimes be tough to decipher.

To help you understand your pet a little better, Petplan takes a look at the body language of dogs and what various external signals can mean, starting with one of the most commonly misunderstood – the wagging of their tail…

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Adopting an older dog: the benefits of rehoming an elderly pet

Black Labrador in front of a fire

When considering getting a dog, many people will have an ideal scenario pictured in their heads.

Often it will involve a cute-as-a-button puppy running around their garden, being mischievous and providing boisterous fun for the family.

Yet it’s older dogs that need us the most.

Petplan takes a look at why adopting an older dog could be the right decision when it comes to bringing a new pet into your home…

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Christmas pet safety: trees, decorations, food and more

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Dog wearing a santa hat

Christmas is often the most exciting time of the year for the family. The tree goes up with its baubles, lights, and tinsel, whilst the kitchen is filled with turkey, mince pies and plenty of festive booze.

However, what is all harmless fun for us, can present a problematic situation for our pets.

Here are Petplan’s 12 tips of Christmas to ensure you avoid any unwelcome mishaps when it comes to your pet…

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New Year’s Eve pet safety: how to keep your dog, cat or rabbit calm during the fireworks

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King Charles Spaniel on a bed

While many of us will be all too aware of the unease that bonfire night and the surrounding period can cause our pets, it can be easy to forget that New Year’s Eve can also be a time of stress for our furry friends.

Petplan looks at tips to help keep your pet calm and safe during this New Year’s Eve…

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Dog training: socialising your puppy with people, other animals and dogs

Two white West Highliand Terriers sitting in the sun

After the initial excitement of getting a new puppy has subsided, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the task of training the new addition to your family.

We’ve already covered toilet training your puppy, but an area that is just as important is puppy socialisation.

Here are Petplan’s top tips for ensuring your dog is comfortable in any situation…

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Dog training: how to toilet train a puppy

Cute springer black and white puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time but it can also be a very steep learning curve – especially when it comes to toilet training.

Petplan shares how to toilet train your pup and overcome these initial challenges…

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November charity prize draw winner

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At Petplan, we are passionate about animal welfare, which is why we work with more animal re-homing charities than any other pet insurance provider – in fact over 1,200 throughout the UK.

With the rising cost of animal care, we realise that helping these charities with their valuable work is more important than ever before.

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The conservation efforts of Luna the Labrador


UK wildlife groups have gained an unexpected ally in their battle to protect a rare native species: a shy but talented black Labrador called Luna. Here, Aileen Scoular finds out more about Luna’s interesting work.

For a delicate dog who is known to walk around puddles rather than get her paws dirty, Luna has a rather surprising day job.

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The latest news from Bunker


Since we last heard from Hounds for Heroes ‘puppy parent’, Grace Brandon, trainee assistance dog Bunker has started his advanced training. Here, Grace gives us an update on Bunker’s good work, and his growing popularity.

‘Since Bunker started his advanced training, he has been the centre of attention – mainly due to his affectionate nature and tendency to ‘fall over’ for a belly rub while being stroked!

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New tricks


Our feline friends can master tricks just like dogs. In fact teaching your cat some clever tricks can improve their mental agility and wellbeing, as well as strengthening the bond between you.

Pets can learn to perform all manner of tricks, from heeding a potentially life-saving ‘wait’ command to more unusual activities such as skateboarding.

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