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Tag Archives: Dog behaviour

Stories from the surgery: “Why doggy day care is more than just a fad”

A Boarder Collie running in a field

Each month Petplan vet Brian Faulkner takes a look at some of the issues he comes across in his day-to-day life as a practicing vet.

This month he talks us through some unruly visitors to his surgery and why he thinks innovations like doggy day care can be an important way of helping dogs learn vital social skills…

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Dealing with dog attacks: what you should do and how third party dog insurance can help

A boarder Collie looking sad

The number of people being taken to hospital as a result of dog bites has risen by 76% in the past decade, while 13 children have died in the same period from dog attacks.

Attacks occur due to a number of reasons including a lack of socialisation from an early age, defending territory and natural instincts.

Petplan takes a look at the things you can do if you encounter a situation involving an aggressive dog and how third party liability cover is a vital part of any dog insurance policy…

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Pet phobias: how to help your cat or dog overcome their fears

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Cute Jack Russell on a sofa

Phobias are extremely common in humans – but our pets can also suffer from seemingly irrational fears.

Many of the things that scare both humans and animals are a result of responses built up over millions of years of evolution. For example, we are scared of loud noises and heights because they can cause us harm, meaning our deeply ingrained ‘fight or flight’ instincts kick in.

However, it is possible to overcome or at least manage many fears – whether rational or irrational. Petplan takes a look at some common phobias in cats and dogs, and offers some advice on how to help your pet tackle their issues…

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