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Stories from the Surgery: Treating Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

A sad-looking greyhound lying down

Petplan vet Brian Faulkner has once again taken time out of his busy schedule to tell us all about some of the strange, funny and sometimes difficult things he encounters in his surgery.

This month, he tells us of a recent sleepless night because of a dog with Gastric Dilatation Volvulus…

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What to know if you’re buying a… Jack Russell Terrier

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JacK Russell Terrier outside looking happy

There are many aspects that potential dog owners need to consider before acquiring a dog or puppy and each breed has their own unique personalities and health care needs.

Petplan takes a look at the origins, temperament and common health problems of the Jack Russell Terrier…

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How to give your cat or dog their medicine

Grumpy brown cockapoo

Many cats and dogs dislike taking medicine – but if they need to take regular medication tablet time can become a nightmare!

Petplan looks at the best tips and tricks to get your four-legged companion to take their medicine happily and fuss-free…

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How to keep your pet healthy and safe in autumn


Having just been through one of the driest and warmest Septembers on record, it’s all too easy to forget that autumn is well on its way.

And while the problems that summer and winter can pose for pets and their owners are generally well known, there can be important issues to overcome in the transitional autumn months.

Below are just some of the things that cat and dog owners may need to look into as the nights draw in and the temperatures drops…

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