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Cat health: a guide to kidney disease


Despite their reputation for having nine lives, cats are susceptible to many ailments and illnesses just like other pets.

With this in mind, we’ve filmed a series of short videos (available on our website and YouTube Channel) about pets’ health with Petplan’s Vet of the Year 2008, Brian Faulkner.

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How to reduce the risk of diabetes

A Yorkshire Terrier eats food from a bowl

One in every 500 dogs and cats develops diabetes, leading to costly daily insulin injections and lifelong monitoring. Yet in many cases, diabetes may be preventable, simply by establishing good feeding habits.

Diabetes results in excessive levels of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream and is more common in middle-aged, neutered pets

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What to do if your dog is overweight


Do you have a chubby Collie? Is your Puli looking a little roly-poly? You’re not alone: canine obesity is a common problem. Vet Marc Abraham explains the tell-tale signs of an overweight dog and offers some tips getting your pet in shape

You’ve probably heard about the ‘obesity crisis’ in Britain, but you may not be aware that it is as much of a problem among our canine population as it is in humans.

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Customer story: dealing with diabetes


Weeks after getting her characterful cat Horace, Janet Parnell discovered he had diabetes. Luckily, a Petplan Covered for Life policy means Horace gets all the treatment he deserves. From the current issue of PetPeople magazine.

The moment she spotted Horace on The Blue Cross website, Janet Parnell knew he was the cat for her. ‘It was love at first sight,’ she says.

However, within a few weeks of starting his new life, Janet and husband David became concerned that Horace was drinking excessively, sleeping a lot and not grooming.

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Could your pet have diabetes?


November is Pet Diabetes Month, so it’s an ideal time to check for the warning signs of the disease in your pet. Cats and dogs suffer from diabetes mellitus, or sugar diabetes. This is the result of a shortage of …

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Has your dog got diabetes?


Q: My nine-year-old spayed Cocker Spaniel has started drinking a lot and always licks her sides afterwards. She is not overweight and gets plenty of exercise. Could she have diabetes?

A: It’s possible, so take a urine sample from your Cocker in a clean jar and give it to your vet for testing.

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