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Debate: is dyeing dogs an irresponsible practice or harmless fun?


When actress Emily Watson stepped out with a bright pink Bichon Frise last year, it evoked strong reactions. Some were smitten, others horrified. ‘Creative grooming’ of dogs is shaping up to be the latest trend to land on our shores, but is it a degrading practice or simply harmless fun?

We hosted both sides of the debate in our latest edition of PetPeople magazine.

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Debate: are boy and girl pets really that different?

dalmatian puppy

Here’s what Amanda Riley-Jones found in her recent report on gender stereotypes for PetPeople magazine. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

Q: Are boys really that boisterous? And are girls more affectionate?
Many parents argue that boys are more energetic than their female peers. But what about animals?

Dog trainer and psychologist June McNicholas says that the dogs and bitches she trains have the same energy levels, but cat behaviourist Celia Haddon says: ‘I don’t know of any scientific research to back this up, but I have a gut feeling that neutered males are more playful than neutered females. But maybe that is some sort of feline sexism in me! Perhaps I treat male cats differently, and that makes them more playful?’

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