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Christmas pet safety: trees, decorations, food and more

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Dog wearing a santa hat

Christmas is often the most exciting time of the year for the family. The tree goes up with its baubles, lights, and tinsel, whilst the kitchen is filled with turkey, mince pies and plenty of festive booze.

However, what is all harmless fun for us, can present a problematic situation for our pets.

Here are Petplan’s 12 tips of Christmas to ensure you avoid any unwelcome mishaps when it comes to your pet…

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The best presents, advice and things to do with your pet at Christmas

A kitten lies in the snow wearing a santa hat

For most people, Christmas is about getting together with friends and family to celebrate and give gifts – and pets are an important part of that experience.

So, to make sure you have a safe, healthy and memorable Christmas with your cat or dog, take a look these simple tips. And let us know of any pet-based Christmas traditions you have in your home…

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Christmas presents for pets


What treats has Santa got in store for your dog, cat or bunny this year? Sophie Mackenzie finds out about great gifts for your furry friends this winter.

A pet isn’t just for Christmas, but many of us like to make the festive season as special for our furry friends as it is for us.

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The 12 tips for Christmas with your pet


The trees are going up, the presents are being wrapped, the food preparations are beginning, and the excitement is escalating – Christmas is just around the corner!

The festive season provides many exciting opportunities for our furry friends too; decorations to play with, wrapping paper to hide in – the choices are endless!

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10 great animal shows on TV this Christmas

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Christmas TV for animal lovers

Animal-lovers can look forward to many great programmes on the box this festive season. Here are 10 of the best.

Rolf’s Animal Christmas, Christmas Eve, 6pm, Channel 5. This Yuletide special from everyone’s favourite cartoonist-turned-pet-lover features a host of heart-warming and memorable stories from the popular series Rolf’s Animal Clinic.

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How to make a tasty Christmas dinner for your dog


We’ve invited writer Elaine Everest, author of hit book Canine Cuisine (£8.99, How To Books) to give us this extra-special recipe for a festive meal for your dog. Hope your dog likes it! Ingredients             …

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Five perfect Christmas gifts for your pet

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Cat and Dog with Santas Claus hats on white background

Still stuck on what to get your pet for Christmas? Try one of these! The Meteorlight K-9 LED Ball (£12.99) is perfect for those early morning or late afternoon winter walks. The durable, water-resistant tennis-ball-sized exercise toy gives off a …

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Petplan prize draw: Best in Show card game

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Here’s an original Christmas gift – the Best in Show card game, featuring beautiful illustrations of pedigree dog breeds by author and illustrator Polly Horner. Written and researched by canine expert Emma Aguado, they’re informative, too. Each breed is scored …

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