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Tag Archives: cat bite abscess

What pet owners should know about lumps

Marc Abraham & puppy_lowres

Finding a mysterious lump on your pet can be a real worry – and while most turn out to be harmless, you should always take the precaution of a veterinary checkup, says vet Marc Abraham

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Does your pet smell? Here’s what to do

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If your pet smells bad, you need to identify the source of the odour – for everyone’s sake. It may be something simple that you can sort out yourself, or it may need your veterinary surgeon’s help. We’ve asked PetPeople magazine vet Alison Logan for her top tips

Is something offensive stuck to your cat’s fur somewhere? Has your dog rolled in something unpleasant? Groom it out first if possible (easier when dry) then use an odour-eliminating pet shampoo – remember that cats do not naturally like being washed, and rabbits will need careful drying afterwards. Tomato ketchup is said to be very effective at counteracting the smell of fox muck, which

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Cat bite abscesses: what to do

Marc Abraham & puppy_lowres

In this, the first in series of guest blog posts by vet Marc Abraham, we take a look at the tricky subject of cat bite abscesses – and what to do if your cat falls ill with one

The clocks going forward this weekend means that we humans can now look forward to enjoying longer daylight hours, but we’re not the only ones planning to spend more of our precious time outside.

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