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Customer story: Chewie strikes back

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The Parmee family were devastated when their beloved cat Chewie was diagnosed with lymphoma. But thanks to his vet and lots of love, he’s now well again.

Mum-of-three Elizabeth Parmee welcomed Chewie into her family six years ago, and he has been a cherished member ever since.

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How to keep your pet safe and well this summer

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OK, so we haven’t had the greatest of summers so far. But when it finally improves, you should be prepared to ensure that your pet doesn’t succumb to the hazards that the hot weather can bring. Vet Marc Abraham advises on the dangers to look out for during the summertime

We’re all aware of the risks associated with hot weather, with most of us taking precautions to avoid painful sunburn, annoying allergies and the dreaded heatstroke. But are we protecting our pets enough to allow them to enjoy summer too?

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The dangers of ‘hidden’ testicles

Dog breeds such as the Boxer are particularly prone to cryptorchidism

Following on from last week’s piece on pet neutering, vet Marc Abraham discusses the important topic of cryptorchidism – a condition that can lead to all sorts of complications in male cats and dogs

It’s important to recognise if your pet’s ‘bits’ look different to other pets, as these differences can lead to serious life-threatening conditions.

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What pet owners should know about lumps

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Finding a mysterious lump on your pet can be a real worry – and while most turn out to be harmless, you should always take the precaution of a veterinary checkup, says vet Marc Abraham

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