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New interactive Pet Health profiles


Over the past 36 years Petplan have helped millions of pets through all kinds of illnesses and injuries – and all this experience has enabled us to gain a unique insight into pet health.

We’d like to share this knowledge with you, so we’re delighted to announce the arrival of the new Pet Health section on our website.

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Burmese cats: our 60-second guide

Burmese kitten

If you’re looking for a pet that’s blessed with both beauty and brains, then look no further than the elegant Burmese. Here’s our 60-second guide to the breed

Adorned with striking golden eyes and shiny, silky coats, Burmese cats were first brought to the UK in the 1940s, many by returning servicemen who had fought in the region and found these affectionate cats hard to leave behind. Enthusiastically bred by cat lovers into a wide range of colours, the Burmese became a much sought-after pet in the UK over the coming decades, regularly featuring in the present-day ‘top five’ most popular cat breeds.

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Dalmatians: everything you need to know, right here

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dalmatian puppy

Dalmatians are not the best choice for first-time dog owners and are best suited to active people with a keen interest in training and behaviour. While they enjoy children’s playfulness, as with any breed, they shouldn’t be left alone with little ones as their unbridled exuberance may end in tears. Dalmatians are very active indoors; they will love a house with a large garden to run around in, but shouldn’t be kept outside in the colder months. They’ll appreciate a doggy buddy for when you leave the house, and should also get on with other pets they’ve grown up with.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Siamese cats

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Originally from Thailand, this elegant and rather proud breed recognised for its piercing blue eyes, pointed features and distinctive voice, is one of the most popular breeds in the world. From the PetPeople magazine features archive.

Known to ‘talk’ to their owners, the distinctive Siamese is one of the most popular and well-known feline breeds in the world. Originally from Siam, which we now know as Thailand, this breed is said to have descended from sacred temple cats owned by the royal family. Called Wichien-maat in Thai, meaning ‘Moon Diamond’, because of their trademark almond-shaped, bright-blue eyes, the breed was first seen outside Thailand in the UK. They were exported from Siam in 1884 by the then British consul-general in Bangkok Edward Blencowe Gould. He presented his cat-loving sister, Lilian Jane Veley, with a breeding pair of Siamese, which proved such a hit

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