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Common illnesses in cats


Here at Petplan, keeping pets healthy and happy is our number one priority. Many pet owners assume that injuries are the biggest risk their pet faces, but 90% of the claims Petplan receives are for illness rather than injury.

We pride ourselves on our pet health knowledge and sharing this expertise with you.

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Why the Netherland Dwarf rabbit makes the perfect cuddly pet

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Netherland Dwarf

Small, cute and docile, this bunny makes the ideal pet for both adults and children. Here’s everything you need to know about the Netherland Dwarf rabbit – one of the most popular pet and show breeds.

The Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest pet rabbit breeds. Normally weighing between 500g and 1.6kg, they have compact, round bodies, short necks and large heads in proportion to their size.

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Burmese cats: our 60-second guide

Burmese kitten

If you’re looking for a pet that’s blessed with both beauty and brains, then look no further than the elegant Burmese. Here’s our 60-second guide to the breed

Adorned with striking golden eyes and shiny, silky coats, Burmese cats were first brought to the UK in the 1940s, many by returning servicemen who had fought in the region and found these affectionate cats hard to leave behind. Enthusiastically bred by cat lovers into a wide range of colours, the Burmese became a much sought-after pet in the UK over the coming decades, regularly featuring in the present-day ‘top five’ most popular cat breeds.

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