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How to plan ahead and make bonfire night fireworks more bearable for your cat, dog or rabbit

A golden retriever looks scared

Fireworks are a great antidote for the cold weather blues, and can be enormous fun for all of the family. However, one member who may not be so enamoured is your pet.

Cats, dogs and rabbits have no understanding of what’s going on, and things such as bright flashes and loud noises may spook animals of even the most relaxed dispositions.

This will manifest itself in scared or stressed behaviour such as attempting to run away, toileting in the house, refusing to eat, destructiveness and trembling.

It doesn’t have to be this way though and by ignoring the problem -such behaviours can manifest year on year. Thankfully, there are things you can do in the weeks building up to the event to reduce your pet’s distress during this time, and build up their tolerance to loud noises and flashes…

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Scary season: what spooks your pet?


Whether it’s things that go bump in the night or things that go bang in the sky, autumn can be a stressful time for pets and their owners. Julian Hall identifies some common causes of fright for our furry friends at this time of year, and how to avoid them.

The autumnal season is that little bit more hectic now with the growing popularity of Halloween and the various activities, from ‘Trick or Treating’ to the early onset of fireworks, which make up what is now effectively ‘Bonfire Fortnight’.

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Look after your pet on Bonfire Night


Remember, remember… While you’re out enjoying Bonfire Night or having fun with fireworks at home, your pet could be distressed.

Dogs, cats and smaller animals find the loud sizzles, pops and bangs of fireworks distressing, and it is important for owners to take sensible precautions on and around the 5th of November.

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How to prepare your pet for Guy Fawkes Night

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While the rest of the family is looking forward to fireworks night, your pet is probably dreading it. Follow our advice to keep your pet calm and relaxed on the big night. From the PetPeople magazine features archive

Around this time of year, anxiety descends on my home and lingers there for several weeks. There are jitters, sudden starts and attempts to hide under the bed – and that’s just me! The cause of this seasonal nervousness is, of course, the annual festival of noise: Guy Fawkes Night.

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