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Springtime dangers for cats: poisonous plants, fleas and more

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Cat sitting on stone in garden

After the long, dark days of winter, the warm evenings and brightly coloured flowers of spring often can’t come quickly enough – and we’re not the only ones who look forward to this time of year.

Spring also means our cats can get outside, bask in the sun and explore our gardens and beyond.

However, with the sun and the flowers comes a few extra risks for your cat. Petplan takes a look at some of the additional issues your cat may face during the spring months…

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Debate: Do pets pose a significant hygiene risk?


When it comes to hygiene, pet owners are a varied bunch – from the relaxed cat-lover who happily permits everything from counter-surfing to face-licking, to the anxious dog owner who won’t allow their companion upstairs and insists on post-fuss hand-washing. But who’s right? Here, Sophie Mackenzie looks at the science behind pets and hygiene, and persuades some brave pet owners to reveal their breaches of best practice.

It’s well known that people with pets, on the whole, are healthier and live longer than those without. This is partly because of the stress-busting effect our companion animals have, but also because exposure to them boosts immunity, especially in children. So at what point does close proximity to pets stop being beneficial and start being a bit unsanitary, or even dangerous?

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What pet owners should know about lumps

Marc Abraham & puppy_lowres

Finding a mysterious lump on your pet can be a real worry – and while most turn out to be harmless, you should always take the precaution of a veterinary checkup, says vet Marc Abraham

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Springtime dangers for pets: what you need to know

The daffodil is the quintessential spring flower, but it – and the bulb in particular – is harmful to pets, so keep dogs and cats away

With the sunnier and longer days of spring, many of us will be spending more time outdoors – as will our cats and dogs. But did you know that our gardens harbour an array of pet health hazards? Vet Marc Abraham explains

Spring has now sprung – and while April showers and hosepipe bans make easy distractions for pet owners, it’s now time to put our four-legged friends’ health and happiness first

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Does your balding hamster need help?

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Q: My son recently bought a Russian dwarf hamster, but over the last few weeks he has started to go bald around his front legs and tummy. Could this just be normal moulting?

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Jay the dog and Petplan – a long-term relationship

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Dog Jay’s long-term health conditions meant he was always at the vets. Fortunately owner Catherine Humphreys’ Petplan policy made things that bit easier

Petplan has helped out my 11-year-old rescue dog Jay on numerous occasions during his life. His problems started when he was only one; his mouth was itchy all the time and, although he never broke the skin, he would scratch it all the time.

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How to make your pet allergy a thing of the past

Alergy man pages_smallest

Your new pet has arrived and is just starting to settle into its new home. And then it hits you – you’re allergic to this beautiful bundle of joy. What do you do? We examine the options for people allergic to their pets. From the PetPeople magazine archive

Pet allergies are, at best, a nuisance. At worst, they can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. If you plan to get a pet, you might be frustrated to learn that some dogs can make you itch and cats make you sneeze. But can allergy sufferers live with pets?

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