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Are our pets’ personalities programmed at birth?

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A dog happily runs through water

Rachael Garside investigates whether nature or nurture has the greater influence on our companions’ behaviour.

Mike Mullan is used to seeing people cross the street to avoid him when he’s out walking his dogs. He’s the proud owner of two impressive Rottweilers, Lazer and Ross, but admits that he gets frustrated when people assume his pets are aggressive and unpredictable.

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Staffies really are softer than you think

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

In recent years, hundreds of unwanted Staffordshire Bull Terriers have flooded animal rescue centres because of the breed’s unfairly tarnished reputation. But now action is being taken to put this right.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has experienced a staggering 326% increase in abandoned Staffies in 15 years (that’s from 580 dogs to 2,470) and other rescue centres have similar stories to tell.

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Debate: Are foxes a problem for pet owners?


Foxes are thriving in our cities, and despite their reputation for raiding bins, digging up lawns and making loud mating calls, a survey carried out by Channel 4’s Foxes Live programme showed that the vast majority of people in Britain like foxes.

We want to know what pet owners think.

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Everything you ever needed to know about rabbits… from A to Z


Thinking of adding a bunny to your menagerie this Easter? Clare Pemberley offers 26 expert tips to help you keep them happy. From the PetPeople magazine archive

A is for aggression
Your bunny will be much less likely to bite or scratch if neutered or spayed, provided with plenty of space and picked up correctly.

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How to conquer ‘little dog syndrome’

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Q: I have an 18-month-old Yorkshire Terrier called Butler who barks like mad when anybody comes in the house. When I take him for a walk he tries to bite people’s ankles. Can you help?

A: This sounds like a classic case of ‘little dog syndrome’, where your dog is nervous and uses aggression to keep people away. If the barking has gone on for the first 18 months of Butler’s life, then

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Pets and children – how to make it work

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Children love pets – but, unfortunately, it’s not always mutual. Here’s how to make sure they get along famously. From the PetPeople magazine features archive

When you eventually succumb to your child’s persistent pleas of wanting a pet, you will discover that it offers many benefits for young ones. As children learn how to care for an animal, they also learn consideration and respect for other living things. Their nurturing helps them to develop responsible behaviour and social skills that will help them later in life. In addition, they will form a special bond of friendship with the pet.

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What to do with an aggressive cat

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Q: My 12-year-old Burmese has started biting me hard whenever he wants food or attention, and generally grabs whatever food he can find. He doesn’t attack anyone else, but his behaviour towards me is becoming intolerable. Help! A: Because your …

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Is it safe to put your puppy under anaesthetic?

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Q: Our fun-loving pug puppy has just started ‘getting a little funny’ around other male dogs, and my vet suggested castration. We’re really worried about Kato being put under anaesthetic for a procedure that isn’t essential, so should we steer …

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My dog’s aggressive on walks. What can I do?

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Q: My one-year-old Shih Tzu doesn’t seem happy on her walks. She’s very aware of everything around her, and I can’t talk to people when we’re out because she starts to bark and snap. She has started to growl at everyone she sees and is quite aggressive towards other dogs. If I try to block her view she turns that aggression onto me.

She also has a sensitive tummy, so I can’t give her too many treats to help train her out of this behaviour. It’s a shame because she is lovely when we’re in the house. What can I do?

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