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Is your dog susceptible to grass seed injury?


Summer may mean more outdoor play for you and your dog, but it is also a time to be aware of environmental risks. Find out more about grass seed in our need-to-know guide.

Grass seeds are something dogs frequently get lodged in their ear canals or between the toes. Long-eared breeds like Cocker and Springer Spaniels are most susceptible.

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Debate: should cats be allowed out at night?

A close up of a striped cat

Not so long ago, most cats were let out each evening to roam as they pleased while their owners slept peacefully. Nowadays it’s becoming less common. With around one in four cats killed on the road, should all our feline friends be locked in at night? Sophie Mackenzie examines the issue for Petplan.

If you are a cat owner, you will be familiar with the feeling of being jerked from sleep in the small hours by needle-sharp claws kneading your body.

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Why microchipping your pet is essential

Marc Abraham & puppy_lowres

Vet Marc Abraham explains why microchipping your pet is an important part of being a responsible owner.

June is not only Dental Care Month – it’s also National Microchipping Month

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Video: an amazing real-life recovery story


Sue Millard will never forget the distraught call from her daughter Rebecca, on 6 August last year, after her beautiful Collie-Spaniel cross Ben suffered a 35-foot fall. Here is the story of his amazing recovery back to health. From the current edition of PetPeople magazine.

‘My daughter had been out walking on a forestry road when Ben went through a hole in a fence and over a sheer drop. His injuries were so bad that he’d been rushed to the hospital.’

Looking back, Sue admits that the next few days were a blur for the whole family: ‘Ben was in such a state – it was touch and go whether they could save him. None of us got much sleep. We cried so much – we thought we’d lose him.

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Some cats are just born lucky

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It seems those superstitious types have had it wrong all these years. New research by Petplan shows that black cats are lucky after all

Insurance claims reveal that black moggies are the least accident-prone, and 15% less likely to suffer from accident or injury – while their ginger friends are twice as likely.

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The dog ate what?

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Watching what you eat? Start keeping an eye on your pets too, if these latest X-rays are anything to go by Ask your vet about animals they’ve treated who have eaten things they shouldn’t have, and chances are they’ll have …

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Supercat’s 10-storey fall

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Shale the cat

When ‘Supercat’ Shale had a horrific fall, her owner feared the worst. Here’s how she fought her way back to health

We have two cats, Shale and Sable. We often call Shale ‘Supercat’, because when you hold her she likes to stretch out her legs in front of her, as though she were flying. We live on a top floor flat, with an outside roof terrace and a wide wall surrounding it. We installed a cat flap to allow the cats freedom out onto the terrace.

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Is this the world’s luckiest cat?

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The luckiest cat in the world?

If cats really do have nine lives, it’s safe to say that Lex from London has used nearly all of his, after a 70-mile journey in the engine bay of a van.

Curious Lex leapt into the van of a local animal-lover as she set off for Wood Green Animal Shelter near Cambridge.

On arrival, the driver discovered Lex, covered in oil. Staff cleaned him up, checked him for injuries and

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Lucky’s lucky return to health

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Here’s a lovely letter we received from Margaret Mortham, whose Petplan policy has been essential in saving her cat Lucky.

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