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Category Archives: Petplan Debate

Why do rabbits eat their own faeces?

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You may have noticed your rabbit eating their faeces and naturally questioned whether this is normal. However, it’s not just normal, but vital to your rabbit’s health.

Petplan explains the process of this second ingestion, and why it’s so important…

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Is it normal for my cat to snore?

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is it normal for cats to snore

It’s no secret that cats love to sleep, they do it often, and they do it best.

Many people will be familiar with the sound of their cats gently snoring whilst cuddled up on the couch – but is it actually normal for your cat to snore?

Petplan looks at reasons why cats snore, and some of the more common cat health issues associated with snoring…

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Is it natural for cats and dogs to not get along?

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It’s an age-old perception that’s been passed down through the ages, the myth that has fuelled countless cartoons and movies – the feud between cats and dogs.

The idea of ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ is nothing new, and humankind’s two closest allies have always battled out for table scraps and the human lap.

Petplan looks at the famous phrase and whether there is any truth behind it…

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Petplan insurance: is vaccination, microchipping and neutering covered?

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Long haired domestic cat at the vets

Along with pet insurance; vaccinations, microchipping and neutering are all important parts of responsible pet ownership.

Many pet owners still have questions around the benefits of vaccination, microchipping and neutering, and whether or not their policy covers these procedures.

Petplan takes a look at these measures in more detail.

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Petplan debate: can a vegetarian or vegan diet be good for cats and dogs?

Ginger cat cuddling up to a white dog

Dog and cat owners are often on the lookout for new and innovative ways to keep our pets fit and healthy – and our pets’ diet is one area that often receives plenty of attention.

Pet food is no longer unappetising-looking meat served from tins with little thought of the nutritional benefit. There are hundreds of products and supplements available and the choice can sometimes appear overwhelming.

However, there are an increasing amount of pet owners who are going back to basics by feeding their pets simple, natural food.

We spoke about the pros and cons of a raw food diet previously, but some pet owners are going even further and are advocating the benefits of veggie or vegan food, with many sighting ethical and environmental concerns about how pet food is produced.

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The pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs

A black dog sleeps in front of an aga

The latest issue of Petplan’s PetPeople magazine featured an article by animal nutritionist Marge Chandler on the risks of raw food diets for dogs (scroll down to read it).

This article caused plenty of debate on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, with people in favour of the diet keen to point out its potential benefits.

To provide the other side of the story, we spoke to Liesbet Lester, a vet and advocate of the diet…

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Petplan Debate: Should you take pets on summer holidays?


The school summer holidays are in full swing and, while many of you will have booked your holiday months ago, there will still be some looking around for last minute deals.

However, choosing whether to go half board or all-inclusive is just one summer problem for pet owners – deciding if your pet should go with you can often cause headaches.

Do you think your pets deserve a holiday too or do you think it’s best to leave them at home? We’ve taken a look at both sides of the debate – but what do you think?

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