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Brushing your pet’s teeth – what to remember

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chihuahuas and toothbrush

Good dental health contributes to the long-term wellbeing of your dog, cat or rabbit. Vet Alison Logan explains what to bear in mind when brushing your pet’s teeth.

Since it’s not natural for a cat or dog to have their teeth brushed, it’s wise to introduce dental care from an early age and make it part of your pet’s daily routine.

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Preparing your rabbit for winter

Rabbit Winter

Wild rabbits huddle underground to share body heat in winter, but pet rabbits are put at risk if their owners fail to take the necessary steps to protect them. Karen Cornish looks at how to keep them safe

Celia Haddon, author of One Hundred Ways to a Happy Bunny, says, ‘The most important thing is to have a really sturdy house for your rabbits.

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Why do cats purr? Here’s why…


There’s more to that evocative, soothing sound than you might think. From the PetPeople magazine archive

Cats always keep you guessing. Are they happy to see you? Cross with the world? They rub against your legs when you’d forgotten they were in the room, purr in your ear in the middle of the night… And what’s with that purr, anyway?

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The owner’s essential guide to pet shows

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to show your pet, it’s actually much easier than you may think – From the PetPeople magazine archive.

We all love our pets, and many of us would like to show them off to the world too. But how many pet-owner partnerships have what it takes to get to Crufts? But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be scary, because there are lots of different events and levels of competition. For example, if you have a dog that’s adorable but doesn’t have a pedigree to rival Lady Victoria Hervey’s, they can still take a turn at local Companion Shows. These are ‘just for fun’ events, but are judged.

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How to get that ‘straight from the salon’ look… for your pet

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Poodle at Salon. Copyright iStockphoto.

Is your pet a little scruffy? Follow our eight-step plan to smarten them up.


Short-haired cats usually need to be brushed once or twice a week, but long-haired felines, exotic shorthairs and moulting moggies need daily grooming. Older cats or those that are unwell need more help, too. All dogs benefit from daily grooming. Use a wire ‘slicker’ brush every day on silky and long-haired breeds. Non-shedding, curly haired dogs need daily grooming and professional clipping every few months. Wiry types need regular brushing and occasional professional grooming or ‘stripping’, while smooth-coated dogs just need a daily once-over with a soft brush or ‘hound glove’. Rabbits need weekly brushing, but make it daily if he’s shedding or a long-haired breed such as an Angora.

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Meet the amazing Hounds for Heroes

Allen Parton and Endal Junior

Hounds for Heroes is a fantastic new charity that places highly capable assistance dogs with injured personnel from the armed forces and civilian emergency services. We meet founder Allen Parton to hear his story. From the PetPeople magazine archive.

The life of Allen Parton, a former chief petty officer in the Royal Navy, changed in an instant when he was serving in the 1991 Gulf War. He suffered head injuries so severe that he remembered nothing of his wife and children and little of his past life; he was left partially paralysed and dependent on a wheelchair. Traumatised, amnesiac and unable to perform the most mundane tasks, Allen twice attempted suicide before a chance encounter with Endal, a remarkable Labrador Retriever, who helped him to adjust and cope with life.

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What tales does your pet’s tail tell you?

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Cats and dogs use their tails, in combination with body, ear and eye signals, for communication. So if you want to know how your pet is feeling, one look at its tail can give you a pretty good clue. From the PetPeople magazine archive

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Video: an amazing real-life recovery story


Sue Millard will never forget the distraught call from her daughter Rebecca, on 6 August last year, after her beautiful Collie-Spaniel cross Ben suffered a 35-foot fall. Here is the story of his amazing recovery back to health. From the current edition of PetPeople magazine.

‘My daughter had been out walking on a forestry road when Ben went through a hole in a fence and over a sheer drop. His injuries were so bad that he’d been rushed to the hospital.’

Looking back, Sue admits that the next few days were a blur for the whole family: ‘Ben was in such a state – it was touch and go whether they could save him. None of us got much sleep. We cried so much – we thought we’d lose him.

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Spraying: everything you need to know


Spraying is usually done by cats to mark their territory. But if your cat is spraying inside your home, or excessively, it could be anxious. Here’s what to do about it… From the current issue of PetPeople magazine.

What is?
Spraying is normal behaviour for cats, but is a problem when it occurs in the home. Scent is incredibly important to cats.

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Customer story: dealing with diabetes


Weeks after getting her characterful cat Horace, Janet Parnell discovered he had diabetes. Luckily, a Petplan Covered for Life policy means Horace gets all the treatment he deserves. From the current issue of PetPeople magazine.

The moment she spotted Horace on The Blue Cross website, Janet Parnell knew he was the cat for her. ‘It was love at first sight,’ she says.

However, within a few weeks of starting his new life, Janet and husband David became concerned that Horace was drinking excessively, sleeping a lot and not grooming.

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