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Category Archives: Health

Why do rabbits eat their own faeces?

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You may have noticed your rabbit eating their faeces and naturally questioned whether this is normal. However, it’s not just normal, but vital to your rabbit’s health.

Petplan explains the process of this second ingestion, and why it’s so important…

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Cat Health: What is cat diabetes?

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Diabetes is a common condition in cats often causing serious problems if left untreated. Symptoms overlap with other diseases, making diabetes harder to diagnose.

With a healthy lifestyle, the right diet and treatment you can successfully manage the health of your diabetic cat.

Petplan takes a look into this well-known condition, giving you signs to be aware of, and treatment options for diabetes in cats…

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Rabbit eye health: how to look after your bunny’s eyes

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It’s simply not enough to give your rabbits carrots to help them see in the dark – their eyes need plenty of care and attention.

Rabbits are known for their adorably large eyes, but those same eyes are also prone to eye problems.

After looking at eye health in dogs and cats, Petplan looks at the best ways to keep your bunny’s eyes healthy, and things to look out for which may signal something is wrong…

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Cat eye health: how to look after your cat’s eyes

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Although cats are known and loved for being independent, this quality means that, as a cat owner, you need to keep a close eye on their health.

Cat eye problems can often go untreated, so it’s vital that you know the warning signs that suggest that your cat may have an issue.

Petplan gives you an insight into some of the eye conditions that your cat is most likely to develop, symptoms to look out for and general advice on cat eye health that all pet owners can follow…

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Dog eye health: how to look after your dog’s eyes


Looking after your dog’s eyes is a vital part of being a responsible pet owner.

Just like with people, there are lots of things that can lead to issues with your dog’s eyes – from getting dirt or dust in them, to more serious problems.

Petplan looks at ways to care for your dog’s eyes, issues to look out for and common conditions in your furry companion…

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Alternatives to dog walking: different activities to keep your dog fit and healthy

Black Labrador in woods

The warm weather and long evenings of the summer months offer plenty of opportunities to get out and about with your dog.

However, rather than walking your dog down the same streets and paths as the rest of the year, why not take advantage of the summer to do something different?

Here are Petplan’s top alternatives to dog walking that can help keep your pet fit and stimulated…

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Pet allergies: why some people are allergic to cats and dogs and how to treat it

Cute brown labradoodle looking inquisitive

Many pet owners will be familiar with the particular problems that this time of year can bring – grass and pollen allergies can affect both us and our pets.

However, many people suffer allergies all year round and, unfortunately, there are thousands of people who are allergic to cats and dogs.

This can prove problematic for people with pets, regardless of whether it’s them themselves that have allergies or close friends and family who also come into contact with their pets.

Petplan takes a look at what causes this issue in some people and if there’s anything that can be done to treat it…

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Dog health: a guide to epilepsy


We have filmed a series of short videos with vet Brian Faulkner to help you spot the signs of common illnesses in your pet. In this video Brian discusses epilepsy in dogs.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes fitting or seizures.

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Rabbit health: a guide to anorexia


If you notice that your rabbit isn’t eating (referred to as anorexia) this can be indicative of underlying health issues, most commonly dental problems.

Rabbits’ teeth grow all the time and grind and wear down naturally.

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The importance of microchipping your pet

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Nobody wants their pet to go missing, but if the worst happens it is commonly agreed that microchipping is not only the mark of a responsible owner, but provides the best chance of owners and pets being reunited. Writer Sue Corfield discovers two cases where thanks to microchipping, missing pets have been found.

Last year Poppy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was found by a dog warden service approximately 30 miles from her original home after being missing for eight years.

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