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Adopting an older dog: the benefits of rehoming an elderly pet

Black Labrador in front of a fire

When considering getting a dog, many people will have an ideal scenario pictured in their heads.

Often it will involve a cute-as-a-button puppy running around their garden, being mischievous and providing boisterous fun for the family.

Yet it’s older dogs that need us the most.

Petplan takes a look at why adopting an older dog could be the right decision when it comes to bringing a new pet into your home…

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Black cats: separating the myths from the facts

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Black cats are sleek, dazzling and dressed with a coat to impress.

However, black and black-and-white cats made up 45% of the total cats coming into Cats Protection’s care during 2015, and on average, took 22% longer to find a home than cats of other colours.

For centuries, black cats have played an important role in superstition, mythology and folklore – with many of these superstitions continuing to this very day.

In fact, in a survey conducted by Cats Protection in 2015, it was found that, rather than dying out, some myths about black cats being unlucky have some currency with young people. Twelve percent of those surveyed aged 18-24 said that black cats were unlucky, while only 2 per cent of over 55 year old people did.

Petplan takes a look at the origins of black cat superstitions and separates the myths from the facts.

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