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How to have a safe Halloween with your dog or cat

A long-eared dog dressed in a witches hat

Halloween can be a tricky time to be a pet owner – especially with the holiday increasing in popularity in the UK.

Lots of noise, sweets and decorations means there are plenty of added hazards for your pet to avoid. However, if you take a few added precautions, your pet can enjoy Halloween along with the rest of your family.

Here are Petplan’s top tips to ensure your pet has a happy and safe time…

Don’t let your pet eat sweets or chocolate

The problems associated with owning a pet during the Christmas period are well known to a majority of pet lovers and lessons from the rather less ghoulish festive period can be easily applied to Halloween.

Chances are – whether you’re stocking up for a kids party or preparing for trick or treaters – that there will be extra sweets and chocolate around your house during Halloween.

Chocolate and sweets can be highly toxic to cats and dogs so, if you feel your pet deserves something extra to celebrate, ensure you only give them pet-friendly treats.

Keep decorations out of reach

Decorating the house is one of the things many people love about Halloween, but if you have a pet there are some extra precautions you should take.

Ensure electrical wires are hidden to stop pets chewing on them, that candle-filled pumpkins are out of reach, while decorating with choking hazards such as fake cobwebs should be undertaken with lots of care an attention.

The health and safety of your dog or cat should be your number one priority.

Leave your pet at home when trick or treating

Halloween in the UK may not have reached the scale of celebrations in the USA – you’re unlikely to find dozens of children walking the streets in fancy dress – but there can still be things about that may scare your pet.

Keep your dog inside when going out on Halloween evening, while outdoor cats should be kept indoors a few times prior to the main event to help them get used to being indoors for Halloween.

Make sure costumes are safe

For some people, dressing up in fancy dress for Halloween is loads of fun. For others, the idea of slapping on make-up and wearing a costume is the worst thing they could imagine – and it’s exactly the same for your pet.

Some animals will love dressing up in a ridiculous costume but, if they appear uncomfortable or look like they aren’t enjoying themselves, don’t force them to take part.

If you do decide to dress up your pet, then ensure the costume is safe and that your pet can move freely with no restrictions.

Are you planning anything for Halloween? Will you be dressing your pet up? Let us know your stories and top tips below…

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2 Responses to How to have a safe Halloween with your dog or cat

  1. Jordan Walker says:

    We had a blast this Halloween. I brought Max together with my niece in a kids party. There were lots of candies and chocolates but I made sure that my Max did not eat those stuffs.

  2. Quiana says:

    It’s imaiprteve that more people make this exact point.

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